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Adore Dare

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2 lenses
3 month replacement
Base curve:

Adore color contact lenses are a distinctive collection of cosmetic contact lenses that is the outcome of a never ending quest for excellence and perfection. Crafted with an exquisite artistic touch for the discriminating taste, Adore lenses are designed for those in pursuit of stunning eye-color change while enjoying long lasting comfort.

For captivating, luminous and passionate eyes. This is the change guaranteed by Dare lenses. The unique coloring defines the outline of the iris, accentuating the natural contrast with the brilliance of the cornea. Available in seven amazing colors: gray, green, yellow, blue, acqua, hazel, violet.

Manufacturer: Eyemed Technologies
Contains: 2 lenses in factory sealed packaging
Type: 3 months replacement
Base Curve: 8.6
Diameter: 14.0

Without prescription (0.00): In stock - Usually ships within 48 hours.
With prescription: Special order - Usually ships within 3-4 weeks.

Product Reviews

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  1. More green than hazel color.

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Mar 2019

    These made my eyes look more of a dark green rather than a hazel. I was looking for a pair that I have been wearing and absolutely love the natural honey hazel color they make my dark brown eyes. I previously ordered several different colors and brands to find something that looks natural. I couldn’t remember the brand so I ordered these to find they were not what I was looking for. They are comfortable and the color is pretty but they made my eyes a dark green.



    To all of you who are in search of colored contacts positive or negative power strength or evdn just cosmetic...search no further...VISION MARKETPLACE is AWSOME! THE ADORE COLORED CONTACTS..are the best! The prices are the best online and the customer service is so efficient...they let you track your order and even if you have to wait a week or two longer than ordering in the US its so worth the savings.customer service answers your questions very quickly and keep you updated on the status of your order. I have reordered colored contacts (positive power) three times and i will continue to make VISION MARKETPLACE my favorite website. Keep up the good work...i'm going to spread the word. YOU ROCK!

  3. Not yellow, but green. Love the circle lens though.

    Posted by HolaMama on 21st Feb 2018

    I was disappointed that the Dare yellow color actually looks green to me so that was very disappointing. The only redeeming aspect of the product is that the circle lens or the limbal ring is a pretty feature that I was looking for so chances are very good that I will order this product again but I will order it in a brown instead because I don't want or don't really like the green color I wanted the yellow color the Dare yellow so that my eyes would appear to be Hazel

  4. Adore Dare Blue

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Dec 2017

    It's too dark for my dark brown eyes do not recommend!!! I got Bella contour collection it's much better and color shows pretty good on dark brown eyes.

  5. Adore Dare Yellow and Grey Contact lenses

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Sep 2017

    I love the Adore DARE lenses. The effect gives your eyes a striking intensity, ideal to use for clubbing, but not during the day. As far as a natural look in the way the pixels blend with your eye color, I think the Adore Bi tones, hands down are still the best.

  6. Very comfortable

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Aug 2017

    These contacts are very comfortable and beautiful.

  7. I'm a fan!!!

    Posted by Jul on 1st Dec 2016

    I’m new to wearing contact lenses. So far, I've tried a couple of different brands. By far, the Adore contact lenses are the best. I was looking for colors that would accentuate my dark brown eyes and be comfortable to wear. The Adore brand of contact lenses is the most comfortable so far. It took a few weeks for my eyes to get use to wearing contacts. Now, I can wear them eight hours or more while at work or a night out on the town. I selected the Adore color Green. This color compliments my brown eyes. With dark brown eyes, the color is not a drastic change. It's very natural and subtle. I’ve had several people take a second and third look and questions whether these are my real eyes! I tell them, “The eyes are real the color is not.” ;-)

  8. Dare Green

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Oct 2016

    Very pretty color. Darkly natural. Great for my naturally big eyes. Unfortunately, Im very sensitive to contacts and don't tolerate them longer than a few hours.

  9. Dramatic looking colour and extremely comfortable contacts

    Posted by Lisa on 25th Jul 2016

    Adore Dare coloured contacts in Violet on hazel/green eyes are very dramatic looking. They are a dark violet purple with a black perimeter. I love them! Also, they are very comfortable to wear all daylong. In the future I would like to try the other colours of Adore Dare coloured contacts as well.

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