Solotica Hidrocor

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Solotica color contact lenses provide a safe and unique way to enhance your appearance. Solotica blends many exciting colors and a special unique technique to create the most subtle, natural and realistic colored contact lenses available.

Solotica Hidrocor are the most opaque lenses in the Solotica range, with no limbal ring. Hidrocor contact lenses are available in many different colors - mel (honey), ocre (hazel), graphite, ice, quartzo, topazio, crystal, amber, hazelnut (avela), jade, safira, aquamarine.

Manufacturer: Solotica
Contains: 2 lenses in factory sealed packaging
Type: Yearly
Base Curve: 8.7
Diameter: 14.2

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  • 5
    love them

    Posted by JJ on 22nd Oct 2019

    I love Topazio lenses, sometimes they do get dry but other than that I love them, would highly recommend

  • 3
    Natural looking, full coverage but not very comfortable

    Posted by Sayali on 20th Oct 2019

    I am a first time buyer of Solotica Hidrocor colored contacts. I read very good reviews about these lenses over YouTube and decided to buy a pair in Ocre. I must say that they are pretty natural looking and provide good coverage over my dark brown eyes. However, the wear is not very comfortable. I have been wearing contacts for 8 years now so I know and am used to having contacts in my eyes pretty much everyday now for 6-8 hrs without feeling uncomfortable. Compared to that these aren’t the most comfortable, you can feel like you have something in your eyes, which can get a little frustrating. That is the only thing that bothers me and I feel bad that I would not reach out for them for everyday use.

  • 5
    Amazing. True to description total cover for brown eyes

    Posted by H.A on 17th Oct 2019

    I have made two orders of solotica hidrocor yearly
    It is amazing comfortable
    I have very dry eyes so I need to use eye drops usually once a day
    Sometimes I use the contacts for non stop wear of 12 to 16 hours due to work but they still handle it well

  • 5
    In love

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Oct 2019

    Adore the hydrocor Mel ❤️

  • 4
    Great in many ways, just not my kind of look

    Posted by S. Singh on 18th Sep 2019

    I bought the Hidrocor Avela's after watching a whole bunch of youtube reviews. I was looking for a natural-looking brownish hazel color, and from the reviews, this seemed like a great choice. The contact lenses are great in every way, just not the look for me. I felt like it made me look like a lizard, it's quite light, and hard to miss. I looked scary if anything. I have tanned skin, so I really wasn't expecting a reptilian look. I spent a lot of money for contacts that I won't ever wear, so make sure you are 100% set on the color choice, because it's a lot of money to pay for something that may not necessarily be the look for you.

  • 4
    They have their pros and cons.

    Posted by Di on 8th Sep 2019

    Like every product, Solotica Hydrocor has some good things and some seldom qualities. The good things are that the contacts look pretty real both on camera and in person, unless the person or camera is less than 1.5-2 feet away from your eyes; at that point, it’s easy to see that they’re contacts. I don’t know if there is a way to produce the same effect by having colored striations versus colored points to eliminate the possibility of seeing the mesh-like texture from close up. If that’s possible, I would hope that the vendor would look into it because these contacts are on the more expensive side.

    The seldom qualities are that the contacts feel somewhat thicker than the average lens (normal for colored contacts), and led to sore eyes after the first few uses. Ultimately, they’re a good pair of contact lens.

    I was not too happy with the color “Ice” because I was anticipating a more gray integrity of the color, these seem to look more of an electric blue.

  • 5

    Posted by YaYa97 on 2nd Sep 2019

    I ordered Ocre and they are SO pretty!! They’re my first pair of contacts so I was pretty stoked. Came in perfectly packaged and arrived in exactly 10 days! Will definitely order from here again!!!

  • 5
    3 years strong

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Sep 2019

    I’ve been buying these lenses for 3 years and the customer service is great and they ship in time also. The lenses look very realistic

  • 5
    The most comfortable and natural looking lenses

    Posted by Lupita on 21st Aug 2019

    Great contacts natural looking comfortable to wear way cheaper than other contacts considering they are for one year!!