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Adore Bi-tone

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2 lenses
3 month replacement
Base curve:

Adore color contact lenses are a distinctive collection of cosmetic contact lenses that is the outcome of a never ending quest for excellence and perfection. Crafted with an exquisite artistic touch for the discriminating taste, Adore lenses are designed for those in pursuit of stunning eye-color change while enjoying long lasting comfort.

Adore Bi-Tone lenses give your eyes a unique sparkle. The color is distributed in two different shades, creating an irresistible and dramatic chromatic contrast. Available in seven brilliant colors: gray, green, blue, acqua, yellow, hazel, honey.

Manufacturer: Eyemed Technologies
Contains: 2 lenses in factory sealed packaging
Type: 3 months replacement
Base Curve: 8.6
Diameter: 14.0

Without prescription (0.00): In stock - Usually ships within 48 hours.
With prescription: -0.50 to -8.00: In stock - Usually ships within 48 hours.
All other prescriptions: Special order - Usually ships within 2-3 weeks.

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  1. Super natural green-yellow

    Posted by Pat on 6th Jul 2018

    I bought these in yellow expecting a bit more of a cat eye color. These contacts however gave me a rather natural green not yellow. Very similar to Freshlook Color Blends in green. I have brown eyes so I'm always looking for super natural contact lenses and these are definitely very natural looking but I do wish they were more yellow and made my eyes lighter...which they did not.

  2. not recommend for dark eyes

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jul 2018

    I got the yellow bi-tone, and I have dark brown eyes. I thought it would make them look lighter brown or maybe greenish, which it kind of does but it barely shows up because my eyes are too dark. Maybe I should've gotten a different color. Other than that, they are very comfortable and natural looking.

  3. AMAZING!!

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Jun 2018

    The most natural looking lenses that I know of and I have tried a few!

  4. Very Natural Looking!

    Posted by Zeynep on 3rd Jun 2018

    This are the only natural looking lenses that I've bought. Even the hazel ones look really natural on my brown eyes. they blend together with your own eye color. However when I wear it for too long, it tends to dry my eyes to I have tot go back to my normal lenses from time to time. But still love them.

  5. Most natural looking contacts I've ever bought

    Posted by Lexi on 23rd May 2018

    I recently bought the yellow Adore bi color lenses and i love them! I have light brown eyes and it enhances my natural color beautifully. I've worn them 3 times so far and i have to say the 1st day it felt great. Meaning its soft and comfortable. The 1st day, i wore it for 6 hrs. Second and third time for 8 hours. The only thing I'm noticing as i wear them for a long time, it tends to dry. I have to put drops on at least twice during 6-8 hours of wear but that will not stop me from buying them again. I may wear them less hours to see if that works best for me. There was some irritation at times but what i do is take it out and rinse with the multi-purpose disinfecting solution for lenses and it feels better. No more irritation. Will be purchasing again!!!

  6. amazing lenses, would buy over and over again

    Posted by RG on 20th Apr 2018

    these lenses are the most comfortable and natural looking lenses around.
    i just wish they had a toric power option!
    Also i'd like to say that Alex from the customer service was a great in helping me out with my order! thanks mate!

  7. Je t’Adore My Adores!

    Posted by N. Downs on 13th Apr 2018

    I do adore my Adore BiiTones! I ordered two pairs of
    these lenses, grey and yellow. I love the Adora packaging! Vision Marketplace also inpreasss me with quick service and shipping . quI love the feel of them ( neatly. non-existent) and the colors turn out to be very soft and subtle. IThe reason I didn’t give them a five star rating was that they aren’t quite opaque enough and in certain lights my eyes reveal their natural color , dark brown. brown.

  8. Would purchase again, however.....

    Posted by Lisa on 19th Mar 2018

    Only 4 stars because for some reason 1 of the lenses irritates my eye. Don't know why but left eye with the lense in is becomes very uncomfortable after a few hrs of wear. Maybe defective....don't know but I would repurchase. I love the color, very complimentary on me.

  9. L-O-V-E !!

    Posted by Sindy on 18th Mar 2018

    The Adore Bi Tone's are MY favorite and the only lenses that I purchase . . they're extremely comfotable and they're the only contacts that I personally feel that looks the most natural . . have shared with my 3 million social network followers and am constantly complimented . . *please, never run out

  10. Natural looking

    Posted by Lisa on 24th Feb 2018

    These contacts are my favorite contacts to wear daily. They are so natural looking on dark brown eyes. They change my eye color slightly but that what I was looking for. Noone could tell I was wearing them,,, but they knew something was different.

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